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Tips for Eating Well and Wasting Less Food

At Essence Chiropractic, we’re big believers in the power of food! After all, it’s something that fuels and heals our body. Unfortunately, something so powerful and important is also prone to wasting.

In Canada, it’s estimated that the average household throws out 200 KG of food waste  each year.  It totals about 35.5 million tonnes in Canada.

While those numbers might be staggering, there is good news. Becoming waste-conscious in regards to your food purchases can be easy with a few helpful tips.

Go to the shops/markets more often. This will keep you from over-buying on one trip. When you more often, you’ll be more conscious of what you still have in your refrigerator to eat as well as what else you’ll need to tide you over until next week.

By local fresh produce as often as you can.  The food has not travelled long distances and is fresher (and thus will last longer and give you time to consume it)

Consider buying some organic frozen fruits or vegetables. While fresh produce is certainly ideal, frozen produce can offer similar benefits and be just as nutritious. And an added bonus-frozen foods won’t suddenly go bad on you, which means you’ll be tossing them less.

Freeze your leftovers. Have you ever made a really delicious meal that had plenty leftover to feed you the next day? Sometimes, life gets in the way and we forget to consume leftovers, which leads to waste. Instead of storing your leftovers in the fridge, freeze them in a freezer-safe container. You’ll have a longer period to enjoy them.



Do you have any other ways that you reduce food waste? Let us know in the comments!

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